Top 5 Christmas Puzzles

Top 5 Christmas Puzzles

As a child, I spent countless hours piecing together jigsaw puzzles, each one a gateway to a magical world. This fondness for puzzles comes alive especially during Christmas. So, I've rallied a group of puzzle enthusiasts to share their top picks for Christmas jigsaw puzzles.

1. Ravensburger - The Christmas Market (1000 Piece)

Step into the enchanting world of a Christmas market with this captivating Ravensburger jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle depicts a vivid evening Christmas market, brimming with life and color. Children are depicted enjoying a merry-go-round and a slippery slide, eagerly awaiting their turn for some festive candy. The scene also includes a toy and game shop, potentially selling jigsaws, and a range of tasty treats like roasted chestnuts, hot dogs, and burgers. In the backdrop, Santa is seen resting his reindeer beside a charming snow-capped building.

The Christmas Market

2. Wasgij Christmas 19 - Santa Dash (1000 Piece)

The Wasgij Christmas 19 puzzle brings a unique and imaginative twist to your Christmas jigsaw experience. Unlike traditional puzzles, this one requires you to use your creativity and puzzle-solving skills to envision what the characters in the picture are witnessing or what might unfold next. It's a thrilling and brain-stimulating challenge that promises excitement until the last piece is placed. The "Santa Dash" edition immerses you in a festive Christmas adventure, rich in vibrant colors and intricate details. As you connect the pieces, you'll unveil a heartwarming scene of Santa joyfully dashing through a winter wonderland.

Santa Dash Wasgij

3. Ravensburger - Christmas Puzzle 'Almost Done' (Limited Edition No.27, 2023, 1000 Piece)

The Ravensburger 'Almost Done' puzzle captures a charming winter scene featuring Santa Claus sharing fruits with a gathering of animals in a quaint village setting. The image is filled with festive details: the bright reds of Santa's suit, the crisp white snow, and the holiday decorations that adorn the landscape. Each piece contributes to a tableau of holiday cheer, making this puzzle a captivating activity for the season. It's a delightful depiction of Christmas Eve that offers a puzzle-solving experience imbued with warmth and joy.

Almost Done

4. Ravensburger - Santa's Workshop (Limited Edition 2022, 1000 Piece)

This puzzle takes you inside Santa's Workshop, a place of wonder and joy. Santa himself sits comfortably, reading from a large book, with Mrs. Claus beaming by his side. The workshop is a treasure trove of toys, with elves busy at work and reindeer peeking in. It's a scene bustling with festive activity, from the colorful toys scattered across the floor to the intricate decorations hanging above. As you fit each piece, you'll feel the holiday spirit come alive, making it a perfect activity to share with family and friends during the Christmas season.

Santa's Workshop

5. Wasgij Christmas 18 - Gingerbread Showstopper (2 x 1000 Piece)

The Wasgij Christmas 18 puzzle bursts with the frenetic energy of a gingerbread house competition. The vivacious scene is a kaleidoscope of characters, each with their unique expressions and antics, all centered around the festive contest. Amidst the crowd, you'll piece together the intense focus of competitors, the exuberant spectators, and the delectable gingerbread creations that are as whimsical as they are intricate. This puzzle set, comprising two 1000-piece challenges, is sure to captivate with its humor and lively detail, offering a joyful puzzle-building experience to celebrate the festive season.

Gingerbread Showstopper

Final Thoughts 

Jigsaw puzzles have a unique way of capturing the imagination, and these five Christmas-themed sets are no exception. From the serene hustle of a Christmas market to the boisterous cheer of a gingerbread competition, each puzzle presents a world to be assembled and cherished. They invite us to piece together the very essence of the holiday spirit, offering moments of joy, challenge, and togetherness. As you settle into the festive season, let these puzzles be a centerpiece for family gatherings, a trigger for conversation, or a peaceful retreat. They are more than just puzzles; they are snapshots of Christmas joy, ready for you to bring to life, piece by piece.

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