The Artistry of Puzzles: Gibsons Unveil Their 2023 Collection - Gibsons x The Art File

The Artistry of Puzzles: Gibsons Unveil Their 2023 Collection - Gibsons x The Art File

Welcome to the Puzzle Wonderland - Gibsons x The Art File Collaboration

Introducing Gibsons x The Art File - Available from July 2023

Picture this - it's a rainy afternoon, and you're snug inside your home with a hot cup of tea. You're ready to dive into an adventure that doesn't require you to even step out the door. So, what's on the agenda? Introducing Gibsons x The Art File, a delightful collaboration ready to whisk you away into a world of beautifully intricate designs.

This vibrant collection, available from July 2023, consists of a selection of 1000 piece puzzles. Uniquely crafted by the talented team at The Art File, these puzzles incorporate themes of nature and wildlife, each piece illustrated with a magical touch.

Gibsons: The Puzzle Masters

For over a century, Gibsons has been the go-to for puzzle enthusiasts worldwide. Known for their impeccable attention to detail and high-quality materials, each puzzle is a piece of art in its own right.

The Art File - A Magical Touch

The Art File is renowned for its enchanting designs and unique artistry. This collaboration sees them weave their magic into every puzzle, transforming everyday images of nature and wildlife into stunningly detailed works of art.

The Collection - A World of Intricate Designs

Intricately crafted with precision and creativity, each puzzle in the Gibsons x The Art File collection is a testament to the art of puzzle-making.

The Range - Embracing the Wild Side

Jungle Animals 1000 Piece Puzzle



Embark on a colourful journey with the 'Jungle Animals' puzzle. This 1000-piece masterpiece features a vibrant assortment of exotic wildlife, illustrated in striking tones that bring each creature to life.

Into The Forest 1000 Piece Puzzle

'Into The Forest' takes you on a serene stroll through nature. Graceful animals roam beneath towering trees, bathed in the soft, warm glow of dusk. This puzzle is illustrated in naturalistic tones that capture the tranquility of the forest.

Secret Garden 1000 Piece Puzzle

Step into an enchanted world with the 'Secret Garden' puzzle. This 1000-piece journey unfolds in a magical setting teeming with woodland creatures, each rendered in rich tones that lend depth and intrigue to every scene.

The Range - Embracing Seasons

Frosted River 1000 Piece Puzzle

Experience the serene beauty of winter with the 'Frosted River' puzzle. Birds flock around an icy landscape, their vibrant plumage contrasting with the frosty environment. This puzzle is illustrated in cool tones that perfectly capture the quiet stillness of winter.

Summer Haze 1000 Piece Puzzle

Welcome the warmth of summer with the 'Summer Haze' puzzle. An idyllic garden in full bloom hosts a variety of woodland animals, all basking in the golden glow of the season. This puzzle is illustrated in warm tones that beautifully encapsulate the essence of summer.


1. When will the Gibsons x The Art File puzzles be available?

The puzzles will be available from July 2023.

2. How many pieces are there in each puzzle?

Each puzzle consists of 1000 pieces.

3. Where can I purchase these puzzles?

The puzzles are available on our site here -

4. What are the themes of the puzzles?

The puzzles incorporate themes of nature and wildlife.

5. Who are the creators of these puzzles?

These puzzles are a collaboration between Gibsons and The Art File.

6. How many puzzles are in the collection?

The collection initially comprises five puzzles, each embodying a unique theme and design.

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