How to Glue and Mount your puzzle

How to Glue and Mount your puzzle

When you have completed your jigsaw puzzle its time to decide what to do with it. A lot of people like to put it together over and over again, or pass it on to friends and family to have a go. Why not try selling it through a Facebook group like For The Love Of Puzzles UK. Alternatively you can keep you hard work forever by gluing, mounting and presenting it.


Getting Ready

Make sure you have prepared enough space in order to lay your puzzle out. Cover the surface with something to protect both the puzzle and your surface. Ideally something that wont stick (so not newspaper) something like greaseproof parchment paper will work best.

Tip: Make sure you clean any puzzle dust off the puzzle and flatten it down (a rolling pin can help)


Start Sticking

Most of the time glue is applied to the front of the puzzle. There are many different types of ways to stick your puzzle together, not just glue. But we have found that glue is the best.

On some puzzles though glue is not recommended, such as puzzles with a special finish, like metallic or lenticular jigsaws. For these you can get sticky sheets that are applied to the rear of the puzzle such as these on Amazon

tip: As the glue will soak into the carboard puzzle, go careful not to apply to much or the puzzle pieces will swell.

tip: If the puzzle does starts to curl as it dries, either lay something flat on it, or turn it over and apply a layer of glue on the rear, this should reduce the curl.

tip: It can take unto 5 hours for the glue to dry and seal the puzzle.


Finish by Mounting or Framing

When the puzzle has dried, remove it from the paper, or surface cover. It is best to mount you puzzle as over time it can curl, and pieces may fall out. To do this, buy a foam type board, measure and cut to size.

Cover the board with glue evenly, line up your puzzle and gently press down whilst keeping an eye on the alignment. Add something heavy to keep it flat, and leave for 24 hours to dry.

Once done, you can either hang you beautiful new piece of art, or clip it in a frame.


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