Dive Into the World of Gibsons Jokesaws: Love to Laugh!

Dive Into the World of Gibsons Jokesaws: Love to Laugh!

🎉 Introducing the Jokesaws Range: A New Way to Puzzle and Giggle!

Puzzles Galore is thrilled to present the whimsical and witty world of Gibsons Jokesaws! Each puzzle in this delightful collection is designed to tickle your funny bone while challenging your puzzle-solving skills. Here’s a peek at the exciting new range titled "Love to Laugh," where each puzzle promises a unique blend of humor, art, and discovery.

1. Midsummer Mayhem

Welcome to the chaotic town in "Midsummer Mayhem," where the day spirals into wild disorder! Illustrated by the talented Phil Dobson, known for his vibrant and humorous cartoon designs, this puzzle sets the scene of an elaborate bank robbery amidst a series of equally zany events. From a murder mystery to skydivers tangled in mid-air, and even a cow being airlifted, every piece uncovers a new layer of pandemonium, making it a perfect pick for those who love detailed and dynamic scenes.

2. Country Show Chaos

Dive into the riotous Ramsbottom Country Fair with "Country Show Chaos," brought to life by Andy Tudor. This puzzle captures a bustling country fair gone hilariously awry. From rampaging bulls disrupting the dog show to a tractor wreaking havoc on prize vegetables and classic cars, each piece of this puzzle reveals a new comedic catastrophe, inviting you to piece together the mayhem.

3. Trouble in Paradise

Our final journey takes us to "Trouble in Paradise" at Buntie’s Holiday Camp, where nothing goes as planned but everything is fun. Illustrated once again by Andy Tudor, this vibrant and colorful depiction of a family vacation includes all sorts of amusing mishaps—from wild fairground rides to chaotic water sports. It’s an adventure that captures the unpredictable yet joyful essence of family getaways.

Each puzzle in the Jokesaws range is a testament to Gibsons' commitment to bringing laughter and joy into our homes. Designed with both humor and complexity, these puzzles are sure to provide hours of entertaining and engaging fun for the whole family.

So, why not add a splash of laughter to your puzzle collection today? And keep an eye out for new additions to the Jokesaws series—there’s always more fun and laughter on the way!


Happy puzzling and giggling with our Jokesaws collection!

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