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Progressive Turn Order is a game mechanic where one player holds the First Player token, and at the end of each round, the token passes to the player to the left, who becomes the new First Player for the next round. During the round, players take turns clockwise around the table. This mechanic helps to keep the game moving smoothly and ensures that each player has an equal chance to act first. Progressive Turn Order can also create a sense of anticipation and strategy, as players must consider their position in the turn order and plan their moves accordingly. Counterclockwise movement, called "Regressive Turn Order," can also be included in this category, adding another layer of complexity and strategy to the gameplay. Progressive Turn Order is often found in competitive board games where players must outmaneuver their opponents to achieve their objectives. With this mechanic, players must balance their short-term and long-term goals while taking into account their position in the turn order to emerge victorious.

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