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The Hidden Roles game mechanic is a mechanism in which one or more players are assigned differing roles that are not publicly revealed. In games that use this mechanic, players must determine the identities of their opponents and allies based on their actions, behaviors, and other clues.

Examples of games that use the Hidden Roles game mechanic include many social deduction games such as Werewolf and Secret Hitler. In these games, players are assigned secret roles such as "werewolf" or "fascist," which determine their objectives and abilities. The objective of the game is to identify and eliminate the players with opposing roles, while protecting those with similar roles.

In games that use the Hidden Roles game mechanic, players must carefully observe and analyze the behavior of their opponents to deduce their roles and objectives. They must also carefully manage their own actions and communication to avoid revealing their own role. The Hidden Roles game mechanic adds a layer of psychological strategy to gameplay, as players must balance their objectives with the need to maintain their cover and deceive their opponents.

Overall, the Hidden Roles game mechanic is a fun and engaging way to add depth and complexity to board games, and it encourages players to think creatively and strategically about their actions and interactions with others.

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