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Auction: Fixed Placement - The Fixed Placement mechanism adds a layer of strategy to multiple-lot auctions by implementing specific rules governing which lots players can bid on and visually representing bids on a game board or cards. Often combined with constrained-value bids, Fixed Placement auctions conclude when every player passes or no further bids can be made. The highest bidder for each lot wins the lot.

Prominent examples of games featuring this mechanism are Amun-Re and Vegas Showdown. In these games, a track is placed below each auction lot, where players position their bid markers at the desired value. If another player wishes to bid on the same lot, they must place their bid marker on a higher-value space. The outbid player then retrieves their bid token and can choose to either increase their bid on the same lot or move to another lot.

Once all players have placed their bid tokens, the auction concludes, and the highest bidders secure their respective lots. This Fixed Placement mechanism adds depth and excitement to the auction experience, requiring players to carefully consider their bidding choices.

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